Camera SD Card Recovery

memory-cardJust wanted to share with you all a fantastic service that I found out about. Recently my SD Card was damaged by a power surge in my friends P.C. As a result the card couldn’t even be read. Now for those of you who have accidentally deleted Photos before there are various free software packages out there which can be used. Some can also be purchased for approximately €80.00.

But what if you don’t want to take any chances with your precious photos or videos or even worse what if your PC or Camera can’t even read / see the card – well all is not lost – do not throw that card away.

I recently used a company in Germany called Recoverfab. They had very positive reviews online so I decided to give them a try. My Card was completely unreadable. I posted it last Wednesday 03rd July to Recoverfab and by this morning they had recovered 513 photos and 46 videos. Both my kids were recently in their annual musical and we also had the summer holidays on the card and Christmas 2012. So if you have a Camera Card or Memory card then check out these guys.

Haloween 2012

Haloween 2012

James in JFK Memorial Park August 2012 – Sony RX100 – best viewed in HD


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Granny in Tramore with Joy & James